This is All For Your Own Good

13 Mar

Are you really safe online? Although you do not have physical contact with people you talk to on the Internet, does that mean that you are protected? I’m afraid the answer is NO!

“Girl arh, don’t anyhow talk to strangers online arh. Very dangerous you know. Cannot give personal information understand. Later they come and find you then jia lat.” Well, that’s what my mother told me when i was young. I am sure most of you have heard similar versions from your parents too.

In the past, there was stalking. Now, even crimes “upgrade” themselves because we face the issue of cyberstalking.

The rise of social networking sites is making cyberstalking easier. I can easily find someone I am interested in on Facebook by searching for the name. If the person’s profile is unprotected, YAY!

Some may say that the easy way out is to just delete your accounts in all the social networking sites. However, with the power of the Internet today, it is almost impossible to get rid of every trace of information. Therefore, the most important thing is to be careful of what you post online.

You wont be surprised to know that many employers go on sites like Facebook to search for more information about the job applicants to know more that what was submitted in the resume.

When you are 18, a photo of you on Facebook being drunk in the club may be funny to you and your friends. 5 years down the road, this very photo could have caused your job.

So, beware of what you post friends! It’s a scary world out there!


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