YouTube- The “Bao Ka Liao”

19 Mar

15 years ago, what you can probably find on the Internet is probably just texts and images. Today, you can  find anything and everything online. Now, people share videos, animations, music on the Internet. The birth of YouTube changed the dynamics of video sharing on the Internet.

In fact, YouTube brought many stars to fame. One perfect example is…

Justin Bieber.

I know some of you probably rolled your eyes upon seeing his name. Come on! 39 million views by a 13 year old! That is really amazing.

Gone were the days were people sit in front of the television and wait for their favourite music videos to play on MTV. Not only for entertainment, education is also turning to the Internet.

I am sure all of us didn’t have such privileges when we were young. How fortunate for children now to learn boring lessons in a fun way. Afterall, we can’t expect our teachers to sing in such a manner in class right? 😉

The growth of multimedia has also caused many companies to shift their marketing from traditional media to the Internet. Seeing how many videos went viral on YouTube, many jumped onto this bandwagon.

Look at that. Even a dairy company is advertising via Youtube! Don’t you feel like trying the cheese after watching that?

YouTube is also the alternative source for banned commercials. Most of the time, such commercials either contain controversial issues or that they are too explicit.

As you can see, you can search anything on YouTube, from entertainment to education to advertisements. YouTube is like the video version of Google. Need any videos? YouTube it!


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