The Internet – Revolutionizing Politics

26 Mar

In last year’s general elections, many political parties in Singapore utilized the power of the Internet to gather support and to spread their campaign. Politicians were seen using Facebook to increase their party’s Internet following, and twitter to publicize the details of their rallies.

Netizens who were either at the rallies or at the politicians walk about would often snap photos on their smart phones and upload them onto Facebook or Twitter.

A photo taken at GE 2011

Photos such as these were seen scattered through Facebook, with people constantly sharing them and commenting. Rallies soon started to draw more people, as curious netizens wanted to have a taste and feel of these crowded rallies.

Politicians also used Youtube to appeal to the younger generation of voters, as many new voters were eligible to vote during the 2011 elections.

Here, we see former PAP meber George Yeo in a video uploaded on YouTube. The video has managed to gather a fair number of views.

Mr Yeo was also very active on Facebook during the GE 2011. He regularly updated his profile with photographs of his day and the activities he did. Personal photos like him having a meal or even jogging were uploaded and drew many viewers.

George Yeo's Facebook account. He was active way before social media was in!

Besides the General Elections, we also saw a flurry of campaign videos during the Presidential Election 2011. Similarly to GE, social media was actively utilized. Although it drew less heat, there was one particular video that caught my attention.

Unfortunately, Dr Tan Cheng Bock did not win the PE 2011, narrowly losing out to Dr Tony Tan.

In the United States, current President Barack Obama leveraged on his heavy use of social media to secure the votes of the younger generation, beating McCain in the U.S presidential elections.

With the wide viewership that social media presents, it is changing the game of politicians worldwide.

To end, I leave you with a video of Barack Obama 🙂



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