When Anything Can Get Viral

3 Apr

Kony 2012 is a short filmed created by Invisible Children, who aimed to garner attention on this guy called Joseph Kony in Uganda. Up till date, the video has attracted 87 million views in less than 2 months. If you guys have yet to watch it and is interested to know what is it about, here’s the link.

Kony 2012 has gathered many extreme opinions. Some were very supportive of the campaign while some claimed that it was a scam.

Social media is so powerful today. A video can be easily uploaded online and then boom! It turns viral. This can never be possible with the traditional media.

Another video (Caine’s Arcade) was also showed in class recently. This video is about a 9 year old boy who built his own arcade with cartons and basic materials like scotch tape, in his dad’s store.

Everyday, he will sit by his arcade and wait for people to come play. Caine’s Arcade showed how powerful social media is because people started sharing about his arcade on Facebook. The word was spread and everyone planned to surprise him at his arcade one day.

This video portrayed how the social media can even fulfill small dreams like Caine’s.

See, even a marriage proposal can get viral. How amazing! The influential of social media is far beyond what we can imagine. As long as there is meaning to the video or just as simple as the video is interesting, there is a potential for it to get viral. 🙂


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