I See, I Shoot, iJournal.

7 Apr

As you walk down the streets, take a look around.

Majority of the people will have their eyes glued to their phones. Smart phones have taken over our lives, and every minute we are constantly checking our emails, Facebook, Twitter, Etc. With so many smart phones in the market, one can be spoilt for choice.

The specifications are now so advanced, some feature quad core processors, some feature AMOLED screens, and most importantly, some have amazing cameras.

It is nice to fantasize once in awhile…

Nowadays, many people are into photography. Having a meal? Take a picture and tag your friends. Witnessed an accident? Take a picture, upload it online.

With the power of such good cameras and internet connectivity at any given point of time, we are able to report on happenings in Singapore.

Take for example, the latest MRT breakdowns.

Omg, someone broke the train window! I've been stuck here for 20 minutes 😦

I can take this photo and upload it onto the local mobile news site, STOMP.

And now the photo makes the headlines on stomp..

STOMP is an online mobile news site, which enables anyone with a camera phone to take a picture and upload it onto their portal. If it becomes newsworthy, it gets published. And you get rewarded with a nice new phone. Besides STOMP, CNA, Today, and Straits times all have their own iOS/Android app, for users to post tips on happenings and news.

CNA Singapore, a local iPhone app for those who want their news on the go

Of course, the big boys like Reuters, BBC, ABC and FOX all have their own apps to provide news feeds.

Twitter has also become a new outlet for news.

When the tsunamis struck japan, the locals in japan were notified and advised to evacuate. When the presidential election results were released, the updates on twitter were more efficient than those on broadcast. When there is a risk of a flash flood in Singapore, NEA sends out a warning to the affected areas.

Subscribers to these feeds will receive notifications and get updated.

NEAsg! Now I can get the weather update before I head out.

The Internet has changed the way we function, and in turn, it has impacted the newsroom. News can now be broadcasted via mini feeds on twitter/facebook in a matter of seconds, and portals like stomp provide a channel for people to comment and share their views.

As long as you have a camera and an active internet connection, you are a journalist in your own way.


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