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20 Apr

For the past 14 weeks, I have learnt so much about the Internet – how the Internet functions and the power of it.

The video above is really interesting as it shows how fast the Internet evolves and how it has impacted our mankind. The Internet has indeed “intruded” our lives and it is almost impossible to live without it now. Imagine a day when you need a piece of info and you cant say, ” LET’S GOOGLE IT!”


I guess sometimes it is hard for those non-tech people to catch up with how fast technology is changing. Look at the functions of a cellphone now. It is almost like a 3-in-1 product because it not only functions like a phone, it is also like a computer and it has superb camera functions. Some phones can even do HD recording now. What up!

Personally, I find it kind of scary to know how fast technology is changing and how much it is impacting our lives. Today, almost everything is related to the Internet. We can learn through the Internet, conduct businesses on the Internet, advertise through the Internet. In fact, there is SOOOO much more that we are doing in this virtual world.

As Web 2.0 is evolving into Web 3.0, the Semantic web, how is the world going to change? 10 years down the road, will the gadgets start talking to us? Wouldn’t it be interesting if your refrigerator can send you a text message to remind you that you are running low on milk?

Today, we only experience 3D images in the cinemas and some television sets at home. Imagine your phone, books, computers turning 3D?


Even though some may find the change scary or even hard to imagine, it is inevitable that we have to embrace the new and upcoming Internet and technologies. So, are you ready? 😉


I See, I Shoot, iJournal.

7 Apr

As you walk down the streets, take a look around.

Majority of the people will have their eyes glued to their phones. Smart phones have taken over our lives, and every minute we are constantly checking our emails, Facebook, Twitter, Etc. With so many smart phones in the market, one can be spoilt for choice.

The specifications are now so advanced, some feature quad core processors, some feature AMOLED screens, and most importantly, some have amazing cameras.

It is nice to fantasize once in awhile…

Nowadays, many people are into photography. Having a meal? Take a picture and tag your friends. Witnessed an accident? Take a picture, upload it online.

With the power of such good cameras and internet connectivity at any given point of time, we are able to report on happenings in Singapore.

Take for example, the latest MRT breakdowns.

Omg, someone broke the train window! I've been stuck here for 20 minutes 😦

I can take this photo and upload it onto the local mobile news site, STOMP.

And now the photo makes the headlines on stomp..

STOMP is an online mobile news site, which enables anyone with a camera phone to take a picture and upload it onto their portal. If it becomes newsworthy, it gets published. And you get rewarded with a nice new phone. Besides STOMP, CNA, Today, and Straits times all have their own iOS/Android app, for users to post tips on happenings and news.

CNA Singapore, a local iPhone app for those who want their news on the go

Of course, the big boys like Reuters, BBC, ABC and FOX all have their own apps to provide news feeds.

Twitter has also become a new outlet for news.

When the tsunamis struck japan, the locals in japan were notified and advised to evacuate. When the presidential election results were released, the updates on twitter were more efficient than those on broadcast. When there is a risk of a flash flood in Singapore, NEA sends out a warning to the affected areas.

Subscribers to these feeds will receive notifications and get updated.

NEAsg! Now I can get the weather update before I head out.

The Internet has changed the way we function, and in turn, it has impacted the newsroom. News can now be broadcasted via mini feeds on twitter/facebook in a matter of seconds, and portals like stomp provide a channel for people to comment and share their views.

As long as you have a camera and an active internet connection, you are a journalist in your own way.

When Anything Can Get Viral

3 Apr

Kony 2012 is a short filmed created by Invisible Children, who aimed to garner attention on this guy called Joseph Kony in Uganda. Up till date, the video has attracted 87 million views in less than 2 months. If you guys have yet to watch it and is interested to know what is it about, here’s the link.

Kony 2012 has gathered many extreme opinions. Some were very supportive of the campaign while some claimed that it was a scam.

Social media is so powerful today. A video can be easily uploaded online and then boom! It turns viral. This can never be possible with the traditional media.

Another video (Caine’s Arcade) was also showed in class recently. This video is about a 9 year old boy who built his own arcade with cartons and basic materials like scotch tape, in his dad’s store.

Everyday, he will sit by his arcade and wait for people to come play. Caine’s Arcade showed how powerful social media is because people started sharing about his arcade on Facebook. The word was spread and everyone planned to surprise him at his arcade one day.

This video portrayed how the social media can even fulfill small dreams like Caine’s.

See, even a marriage proposal can get viral. How amazing! The influential of social media is far beyond what we can imagine. As long as there is meaning to the video or just as simple as the video is interesting, there is a potential for it to get viral. 🙂

The Internet – Revolutionizing Politics

26 Mar

In last year’s general elections, many political parties in Singapore utilized the power of the Internet to gather support and to spread their campaign. Politicians were seen using Facebook to increase their party’s Internet following, and twitter to publicize the details of their rallies.

Netizens who were either at the rallies or at the politicians walk about would often snap photos on their smart phones and upload them onto Facebook or Twitter.

A photo taken at GE 2011

Photos such as these were seen scattered through Facebook, with people constantly sharing them and commenting. Rallies soon started to draw more people, as curious netizens wanted to have a taste and feel of these crowded rallies.

Politicians also used Youtube to appeal to the younger generation of voters, as many new voters were eligible to vote during the 2011 elections.

Here, we see former PAP meber George Yeo in a video uploaded on YouTube. The video has managed to gather a fair number of views.

Mr Yeo was also very active on Facebook during the GE 2011. He regularly updated his profile with photographs of his day and the activities he did. Personal photos like him having a meal or even jogging were uploaded and drew many viewers.

George Yeo's Facebook account. He was active way before social media was in!

Besides the General Elections, we also saw a flurry of campaign videos during the Presidential Election 2011. Similarly to GE, social media was actively utilized. Although it drew less heat, there was one particular video that caught my attention.

Unfortunately, Dr Tan Cheng Bock did not win the PE 2011, narrowly losing out to Dr Tony Tan.

In the United States, current President Barack Obama leveraged on his heavy use of social media to secure the votes of the younger generation, beating McCain in the U.S presidential elections.

With the wide viewership that social media presents, it is changing the game of politicians worldwide.

To end, I leave you with a video of Barack Obama 🙂


YouTube- The “Bao Ka Liao”

19 Mar

15 years ago, what you can probably find on the Internet is probably just texts and images. Today, you can  find anything and everything online. Now, people share videos, animations, music on the Internet. The birth of YouTube changed the dynamics of video sharing on the Internet.

In fact, YouTube brought many stars to fame. One perfect example is…

Justin Bieber.

I know some of you probably rolled your eyes upon seeing his name. Come on! 39 million views by a 13 year old! That is really amazing.

Gone were the days were people sit in front of the television and wait for their favourite music videos to play on MTV. Not only for entertainment, education is also turning to the Internet.

I am sure all of us didn’t have such privileges when we were young. How fortunate for children now to learn boring lessons in a fun way. Afterall, we can’t expect our teachers to sing in such a manner in class right? 😉

The growth of multimedia has also caused many companies to shift their marketing from traditional media to the Internet. Seeing how many videos went viral on YouTube, many jumped onto this bandwagon.

Look at that. Even a dairy company is advertising via Youtube! Don’t you feel like trying the cheese after watching that?

YouTube is also the alternative source for banned commercials. Most of the time, such commercials either contain controversial issues or that they are too explicit.

As you can see, you can search anything on YouTube, from entertainment to education to advertisements. YouTube is like the video version of Google. Need any videos? YouTube it!

This is All For Your Own Good

13 Mar

Are you really safe online? Although you do not have physical contact with people you talk to on the Internet, does that mean that you are protected? I’m afraid the answer is NO!

“Girl arh, don’t anyhow talk to strangers online arh. Very dangerous you know. Cannot give personal information understand. Later they come and find you then jia lat.” Well, that’s what my mother told me when i was young. I am sure most of you have heard similar versions from your parents too.

In the past, there was stalking. Now, even crimes “upgrade” themselves because we face the issue of cyberstalking.

The rise of social networking sites is making cyberstalking easier. I can easily find someone I am interested in on Facebook by searching for the name. If the person’s profile is unprotected, YAY!

Some may say that the easy way out is to just delete your accounts in all the social networking sites. However, with the power of the Internet today, it is almost impossible to get rid of every trace of information. Therefore, the most important thing is to be careful of what you post online.

You wont be surprised to know that many employers go on sites like Facebook to search for more information about the job applicants to know more that what was submitted in the resume.

When you are 18, a photo of you on Facebook being drunk in the club may be funny to you and your friends. 5 years down the road, this very photo could have caused your job.

So, beware of what you post friends! It’s a scary world out there!

Victoria Secrets Angels Wannabe Yo

6 Mar

For our COM236 module (Small Groups Communication), my group and I prepared a short video for our presentation.

This video was edited by my awesome group mate, Nora, who painstakingly took parts of many videos we recorded and the original one that was found on YouTube.

Hope you enjoy the video! 😉

P.S: Extra Mile for Your Smile is our group name!