When online reviews are your best friends.

28 Feb

So the past week’s lesson in class was about E-learning.

E-Learning is…

…defined as electronically supported learning and teaching. The passing of information via an electronic medium! So where do you learn online? What do you learn online?

As for the shopaholic me, I’m always learning online, on my laptop, on my smartphone, basically whenever i can assess the internet!

I learn through product reviews, following up what fellow shopaholic consumers are saying about the latest cosmetics. 

By watching such product reviews online, I’m actually able to learn more about the product, and better educate myself on making my future purchases!

Other places where product reviews can be found – FORUMS! Forums are thriving with active users and they are very honest about the products they use!

I often head to forums to learn about various products and i actually learn a fair share about current issues there too!

Don’t underestimate the power of the Internet, the population of users are so diverse, everyone is an expert at something! 

The best part about user reviews is that they are MOST OF THE TIME accurate. Real life testimonies are always better than what manufacturers claim.

Review sites such as these provide accurate true to life testimonials about products!

Besides products, how about learning about a new hobby online? Lets say… the guitar!

Sure, one can enroll at the local music school and pick up learning a new instrument. But how about those who don’t have the luxury of traveling all the way down to the school? Buy a book? Well. Perhaps… but how about going online?

Online social media sites like YouTube actually have thousands of videos containing various “HOW TO” videos. Such videos educate netizens regarding the topic of interest.

I also learn from YouTube! I actually learnt how to make an amazing batch of potato salad via YouTube! 😉

From exercise videos, to skating videos, there is a “HOW TO” company called “ExpertVillage” which actually houses many educational videos on how to do various activities.

So besides YouTube and Review sites, where do you go to learn online? How do you go about it and what’s your take on online learning? 


Shopping Through the Screen

19 Feb


I have no idea why, everytime when I shop online, I will mysteriously go into rage mode and end up purchasing more than I usually would in a mall. Do you guys experience this? :S

Well, I guess people will subconsciously purchase more online as payment is usually through paypal or credit card. Hence, without the process of handing cold hard cash to the cashier counter, one will not feel the pain until the bank statement arrives at your doorstep.

Shopping kings and queens out there

Compared to 10 years ago…

Shopping online was almost impossible. Blogs were non-existent, and there was no such thing as Social Media. Cameras were considered a novelty and we didn’t have smart phones.

A typical weekend in Singapore…

The malls would usually be jam packed during the weekends as many make use of their leisure time to go shopping. However, times have changed. With the rise of blogshops in Singapore, purchase of clothes, shoes, makeup – Practically everything, is just a click away.

As women have changed to be more career minded these days, they spend longer hours slogging their hearts away in the office. By the time they knock off, most retail stores are already closing. (Those poor things!)

Many detest shopping in the weekends where people are standing almost shoulder to shoulder in stores, hence, the only way out is to shop online!

Established local blogshops such as Tracyeinny and LoveBonito have triggered many young girls’ dreams of owning a fashion store. Therefore, opening a blogshop is the most feasible to them as they only need to purchase their stocks without the need to rent a space.

In fact, shopping online can be more exciting than shopping in retail stores. Although there is no instant satisfaction when payment is made, the moment when the delivery man knocks at your door is definitely thrilling. The excitement of unwrapping your buys is definitely able to bring a smile to one’s face.

Online site for luxury brands

Today, not only can we buy the usual items like clothes online, we are also able to buy luxury items from designer brand at a discounted price! Reebonz, is an exclusive online shopping destination of premier brands and private sales.

With almost everything available online, more and more users are starting to get hooked on online shopping. With a mere click of a button and 2 days later, you are eagerly unravelling your latest purchase. Who would have thought that shopping would have evolved and taken up a significant aspect of the online realm?

Are you a fan of online shopping? Or do you still enjoy prefer the traditional way? 😉

Enter the realm of online advertising!

12 Feb


Remember such coupon cut outs?

Gone were the days when we always had to collect these coupons from stacks of newspapers, tear them into smaller pieces so that it would be more convenient for us to bring them out.

Today, many fastfood chains and even restaurants have switched to online marketing. They upload their coupons online via Facebook pages, or even directly on their website.

This is what we have online today. Tempted?

Many users simply download the coupons onto their smartphone and flash it at the counter upon purchase.

Convenient and can be done quickly isn’t it? Moreover, people can easily send the image to their friends to share the coupon and hence, unlike the past, the discount is not only exclusive to those who owned the coupons themselves.

Furthermore, this can also protect the Mother Earth by printing less coupons, and hence, killing less trees.

Another perfect example of a successful online marketing website, coupon giant GROUPON, is a “deal of the day” website that posts tempting deals and bargains on it’s website daily! Through the use of GROUPON, many restaurants can market their outlets through issuing out tempting promotions and bargains.

Groupon deals. Some are so "hot" that they are sold out within 2 hours!

The above is an example of a Groupon deal that’s currently active. It shows the number of times the deal was purchased and the remaining time left. And as you can see, you can also share these deals on Facebook and Twitter! 

GROUPON has been so successful worldwide, it even has its own iPhone and Android App, which is free for download at the respective marketplace/appstore.

Groupon, as seen on the iPhone

Similarly to the website form, it updates users on the latest deals happening on the same day. Who would’ve thought of a more ingenious way of marketing such bargains? 

With online advertising, coupons, and the rise of food blogs, people now see eating in a different light.

Why do i say so? Ask yourself this, when you want to try a new restaurant, what do you do? Exactly!

Read its reviews online! Google the restaurant, check out what netizens on forums are saying, tweet about it asking for opinions!

People now are putting more effort into eating and they do enough research to find out how the restaurant fare in other netizens’ opinion.

Therefore, many restaurants such as Pizza Hut and Pepper Lunch, invite famous local bloggers such as Xiaxue to food tasting sessions, in exchange for an advertorial.

*Photo taken from http://www.xiaxue.sg

The rise of social media is also an alternative for people now to search for good food. For example, with Smartphones having such powerful cameras nowadays, many like to take a photo of their meal and post it on Facebook for their friends to view.

When this picture was posted online, the location of the restaurant was sought after and information was exchanged on new restaurants to try!

Hence, the power of social media on our eating habits is evident as we want to visit new food places just because of friend’s recommendation online.

Singaporeans today are more willing to travel across the island to try out recommended and new restaurants thanks to many food blogs, social networking sites when people on these sites give positive feedback about the food. Have you ever experience that? Travelling to the most isolated part of Singapore just to try a eating place? Share your experience with me! OR you can share the awesome eating spots you know in Singapore! 😉

Autograph book or Facebook

4 Feb

“I have a pen
 My pen is blue
 I have a friend
 My friend is you”

A typical Autograph book!

Do you guys actually remember such cheesy poems we wrote for one another during our primary or even secondary school days? I believe that most of us from the late 80’s and early 90’s actually owned an autograph book. Sadly, gone were the days when we would run around in school, eagerly asking friends to sign for us, in hopes that we could still stay in contact in the future.

The ironic thing is, I lost my autograph book.

However, all is not lost, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg. In case you all do not know or remember who this person is, he is the creator and founder of one of the most popular social networking sitesFACEBOOK.

All hail facebook - the Social Media King!

Connecting 845 million people worldwide, Facebook is no doubt, the leading social networking site. Facebook allows us to locate long lost friends, or even acquaintances. It also includes many other nifty features such as tagging and liking one’s posts.(More on that later!)

Back in the day…

In the past, people have to use address or autograph books to help them keep track of their friends’ details. Remember flipping through yellow pages just to get the telephone number of a particular company you’d like to call? Or how about checking whats your cousin’s home phone number through your phone book?

Today, all of these can be done through Facebook. We no longer have to sign off on books as it is just a click away to leave a message on each other’s Facebook walls. All we need is an email address. Sometimes, even a simple search of the person’s name is enough!

Facebook is not just a site that allows us to connect to people worldwide, but it also allows us to share information, photos and videos with our friends.

Facebook - A Global Phenomenon

It has taken the online world by storm, and has dominated the social media scene. As defined in class, Social media is media designed for socialization and interaction with others.

Through popular sites such as Youtube, we can now share our favourite or interesting videos with our friends on Facebook. In the past, all we could do was write down our favourite hobbies and television shows on autograph books. There isn’t as much dynamics and interaction as compared to Facebook.

The rise of mass social media is definitely evident in our society today and the power shift from traditional media to social media is also seen in various forms. The change from journals to blogs, radio to podcasts, etc, has proven that many people are now using the Internet for both entertainment and work. Furthermore, with the invention of smartphones, we are more connected to our mediums of social media.

Find such a scene familar?

People are always seen checking their Facebook accounts on the go and updating their Twitter (which works like a mini journal). Personally, when i’m bored i can do the above two activities countlessly, updating my status, checking out the latest photos my friends uploaded, or maybe sharing a hilarious video.

This is definitely a distraction, particularly during study hours, as I would often reach out for my phone, to check for latest updates. (I know right, guilty as charged!) Even when there is no notifications or text messages, I would just unlock my phone, take a quick glance to double check.

The influence of social media and our reliance on it today is often said to be inevitable. One has to keep up with the latest trends in technology, so as to be able to adapt in this fast moving world.

Considering how reliant we are on various forms of social media, why not let’s challenge ourselves by not accessing the internet for one entire day? (This includes the use of the Internet through cellphones!) Tell me more about your experience on it! With this rampant development in Internet technology and smartphones, how do you think graduating primary school kids are getting “autographs” today? Share your views. 😉

The Internet Now and Before

29 Jan

What is the Internet? Many people probably don’t know the exact meaning behind it even though they use it on a regular basis.

The Internet is a collect of computers connected to form a global networked environment.

In the past, Web 1.0 is static as it only allowed read-only. This means that users are not allowed to edit the information that were available on the Internet. Today, the Internet has evolved from Web 1.0 to 2.0 where it become dynamic and interactive. Users are now the producers AND consumers.

Web 2.0 gave rise to blogging. This is unlikely, but you may ask, what is a blog?

Blogging became such a big thing that a company was formed.

“Nuffnang.com is Asia-Pacific’s first and leading blog advertising community. Our online platform allows advertisers to serve graphic or video based advertisements onto more than 100,000 blogs hosted on various platforms.”

Many bloggers in Singapore are under Nuffnang. Renowned local bloggers such as Xiaxue, Bongqiuqiu, Beatrice Tan, etc blog for a living. In the past, who ever knew that blogging can bring them money?

Now, blogging is beyond writing journals online. Companies will choose and pay bloggers to write advertisements for them.

The Internet now is so powerful that many new jobs are formed because of it. Now that many of us are going to graduate, have you ever thought of working in a virtual environment?